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Keep your house free of hair from your pets

Perro en sofa

Surely if you have dogs or cats at home you will be concerned about the cleaning of hair that your pets shed regularly and even more if there is an allergic person at home. To keep your home hair free there are several recommendations, starting with brushing your furry friend regularly, to remove dead hair, also to improve the condition of their skin and at the same time generate a bond with your animal.

But, in addition to removing your pet hair that shed, there will always be some that are left where your dogs is walking or in our clothes, that’s why we will offer some tips to remove all this hair and keep the house clean.

In the case of our own clothes, the best thing to use is an adhesive roller so that these hairs stick and keep our clothes clean. These types of products can also be used to remove hair from the sofa or other textile surfaces.

Brushes with rubber bristles can also be very useful; there are versions to use by hand on all types of surfaces and others to use as a broom, for the hairs we find on the floor.

In addition, scrubbing the floor is recommended to use a microfiber mop as absorbent as possible and the cloths that are used in cleaning the area used by the animal should also be of microfiber, as these trap more effectively the hairs of our pets.

Finally, do not forget to enjoy all the time you can with your pets, both of you will appreciate it!

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How to clean the screen of your TV

cleaning screen tv lcd led

TVs are not how they used to be, before the tubes had a the glass screen, but now with the LEDs and the LCDs we have to be very careful, because it cannot be cleaned in the same way, since it depends on how we do it, we could be harming the device.

Let’s start, with the cleaning of fingerprints or other elements more difficult to clean. The screen should not be sprayed directly with any liquid, it should be put on a cloth, we recommend that it has to be made of microfiber and special for screens, and then with the cloth moistened (not dripping), you should gently rub the screen of our television. You can simply use water or other specific options such as isopropyl alcohol, which does not leave marks and evaporates quickly.

If the screen is not too dirty, in other words, it does not have fingerprints or other problems, we should simply use a dry cloth to remove the dust, always rubbing gently. The use of disposable chamois or dusters that accumulate static electricity can damage the operation of the TV, so they are not recommended.

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Retrieve the white of the joints of your tiles with these tips


If you are reading this it is because you have the joints of the tiles dirty or blackened and you do not know how to restore their original state. Well, here we are going to explain how to do it and also you will know why it happens.

The tiles joint filler with is porous, which causes that the humidity and other external agents to dirty them and causing them to pick up dark colorations when generating fungi in those pores. So keep in mind that the cleanliness of these joints, is not only for an aesthetic issue, but also healthy one, because keeping them clean will prevent infections and more importantly considering that we usually have the tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.

The best way to clean them is to rub, and if you can do it comfortably better, that’s why we recommend using a grout brush, which has an ergonomic grip and also has harder bristles than another type of brush, so you do not have to apply so much strength.

To clean you can wet the brush with water, but to achieve greater effectiveness even to combat odours is advisable to use vinegar, as it is a great disinfectant. Regarding the necessary proportion it would be adequate to dilute half a cup of vinegar with a quarter of a cup of water. Also, if you want to enhance the cleaning effect, because you have a lot of dirt, you can add a little bicarbonate to the previous mixture.

With these tips you will recover the original colour of the joints of your tiles and at the same time you will keep your stays more hygienic.

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Tips to remove dust and make your furniture shine like the very first day

It will have happened to you that there are times when you find cloths that rather than retain the dust, simply move it and spread it around the house and in the end it does not seem like you have cleaned it at all, because actually the dust has moved from one place to another. That’s why today we are going to show you some small tips to be able to leave your furniture gleaming.

It is important that the cloth is a little wet; it can be with water or with any other cleaning product of your choice. In this way we will be able to retain the dust better without spreading it.

Another important element is that you have a suitable cloth for this task, that’s why we recommend microfiber, particularly smooth finish or micro-point. Thanks to these finishes the retention of dust and other debris is carried out more adequately.

If what you want to achieve is to recover part of the brightness of the furniture, you will have to use to some chemical products, and moreover if it is wood. In the market you can find many possibilities, choose the one that best suits your needs.


Finally, if the surface to be cleaned in addition to dust has some type of grease, it is best to use some type of natural degreaser, such as vinegar, or chemical that you can find in a supermarket.

Come on! try these tips and tell us how it went!

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Recommendations to clean leather

Sofa de cuero - Limpiar cuero

Do you know how to clean leather? Still have not washed that biker that you bought in winter? Now we explain what to do to clean that sofa, chairs or clothes that are made of leather. Take note and you will see how they shine!

As simple as using a moisturizing soap, yes, and the more natural better result we get, but careful this should not contain oils. Before starting to clean the garment or furniture, you should do a test in a small area that is not very visible, to ensure that this particular soap does not stain or deteriorate the leather.

Once we have made sure that this is the right soap we put a little on a wet cloth, for which we recommend that it is a microfiber one. No need to rub very hard, because otherwise we risk damaging the area; besides we should not use a lot of water when cleaning, because that would also be harmful.

When we have finished with the cleaning, we should remove the excess soap with a clean, wet cloth (without using too much water). Finally, with an absorbent towel we will finish drying the remaining moisture completely.


Now, if you need to shine, for this cases there are a special products for leather. Simply, follow the instructions on the product and remember to remove the excess of that cream between the grooves and folds of the leather.


To keep the leather in good conditions, it is recommended to do this cleaning every three months, because otherwise it will lose shine and the touch will not be so pleasant.

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Ideas and tricks to organize a garage, storage room or attic

Those who have a garage, storage room or attic in their home will know that this type of space usually concentrates a high degree of disorder, since they are places where it is left those things that are no longer used or that are not needed daily and the way they are left there is not always controlled.

That is why we are going to give some tips to organize better these spaces. The first of the recommendations is to narrow down the products that we are really going to use, since as many professional organizers defend, many of the objects that are conserved are because they give a false value or utility to the piece in question. That’s why the best way to do this filtering of what really matters is to completely empty the garage, storage room or similar and clean it thoroughly; excuse that will be worth to move everything from site and really evaluate each object if it is worth keeping it.

And once this first step is made, we start the organization itself, at which point we will use different tricks or elements to be able to maintain that long-awaited order.

For small objects we can use glass jars with which we can see what we have inside, thus avoiding having to label each box with what may be inside.

When it comes to protecting some clothes of little use, such as costumes, we can use strong bags or even space-saving bags, with which we can remove the air inside with a vacuum cleaner.

If the products should be handy, you can use baskets with a superior opening, to leave on a shelf or table that we have in this space.

On the contrary, if we want our things to be protected from the dust that usually accumulates in garages or similar, a good option is to use chest of drawers, for which we do not need to make a large investment, but will allow us to have all our objects sheltered and organized.

When it comes to larger pieces there are always different types of plastic boxes where you can store it; can be discovered or closed, it will depend on how accessible we need the object in question. From among the closed ones we can even find some with wheels, to be able to transport them easily and in addition many of them are stackable.

Finally, when we have all kinds of sizes of products ordered in different sizes of boxes or baskets we have to distribute this through the different shelves we have or we can buy shelves, for which you do not need to pay astronomical quantities, since there are options for high strength and for very reasonable amounts.

And voilà our garage, storage room or attic will have more space and we will have everything much more accessible and easy to find.

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Get the floor of your house shine (III) – Ceramic floors

suelo; gres; ceramico; porcelanico

We take back the advices in order to get your floors shining like the first day. Today we will focus on ceramic floors, a very extensive range which includes tiles, stoneware tiles (enamelled, rustic, porcelain …) or clay.

These types of floors are very resistant and durable, so we can find them in a wide variety of spaces. But sometimes the pouring of some greasy liquids or others can take away their shine if you do not act quickly. Here we will review the steps to follow for daily cleaning of this type of floor and some timely treatment for better maintenance.

  1. To begin the most important thing is the sweep or aspirate of the soil, which will eliminate dust and other rests. It is recommended to use a soft broom and in the case of using a vacuum cleaner it is necessary to take into account that the brushes are in good condition, because otherwise we will scratch the floor.
  2. Fill a bucket with warm water and a cleaner suitable for ceramic floors. Then you mop the surface moistening it in this mixture. To maintain the brightness of this type of flooring it is recommended not to use liquids or abrasive mops.
  3. Repeat the procedure if there is any area with more resistant dirt. Another option would be to rub with a brush, but always be careful not to damage the floor.
  4. Then rinse the mop with clean water and go over the surface again.
  5. Finally, if you want to polish, you have to rub the floor with a dry cloth or mop.


In this type of floor, the joints are one of the treatments that should be done in timely, since they will require a more detailed work. To clean them can be done with a toothbrush or clean brushes together that are already prepared for this type of work and have a more ergonomic grip.


With vinegar we can remove grease stains or paint, but we will also be disinfecting our floor naturally and also thanks to its acids we will be able to polish it.

To use it properly it is recommended to fill a bucket with half the water and add a cup of white vinegar. With this mixture you can either focus on a specific spot or disinfect the entire surface.

To conclude, you can wipe it with a cloth moistened with water so that you can remove the vinegar and then with a dry cloth you can rub it to get more shine.

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Make the floor of your house shine (II) – Parquet

cleaning parque floor

Here we are again with the second article concerning the cleaning of floors.

Do you get the feeling that the floor of your home does not shine as much as you would like? Well, you have reached the right place. Here we are conducting an extensive review of how to treat each type of soil. We are going to continue on the parquet floor.


The parquet is composed of wood which makes it sensitive to moisture or chemicals, as well as to scratches of hard materials. That’s why you have to take care of it to maintain its original brightness.

Like any other type of soil, depending on the treatments that the wood has had and the concrete finish will make the different tricks that we will now relate more or less effective, that is why we strongly recommend that before doing a general cleaning of the floor, before you should try it in a corner that is not in view, as for example under the sofa, to avoid possible surprises later.

Regular cleaning

Experts recommend avoiding the use of brooms, it is better to use vacuum cleaners with soft brushes, which will help eliminate dust and dirt that accumulates on a daily basis. Also, unless it is necessary, it is not recommended to perform this operation more than twice a week.

To mop the parquet the most important recommendation is that it is done with the mop well drained, which is why it is also recommended that it has to be very absorbent, as is the case of Pamex Ballarina. In addition, this mop is practically a cloth, which allows specific treatments to maintain the brightness of the parquet. It should be noted that for the day to day the most important thing is to use a cleaning product suitable for parquet, because otherwise we can damage it.

Another recommendation is to dry the floor after having passed the mop, for that you can always use a mop that has microfiber cloth. In addition, this cleaning tool can also replace the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt, since there are many types of microfiber mops and others with electrostatic cloths that attract dust.

Finally, to get the perfect care of the wood is to use once a month a product suitable for parquet that improves its brightness. And more occasionally you can also use pine oil or flaxseed; as well as suitable waxes for this type of floors.

Home trick

If you want to improve the brightness of your parquet you can carry out this trick, but only in a very punctual way, because if it is used on a regular basis it will be harmful. With the floor well aspirated o cleaned you can perform this process. Prepare a mixture of 1 cup of vinegar for 4 litres of water, then, with a wet a rag or the mop Ballarina, drain it well and you pass it gently through your parquet (remember to previously make tests in areas that are not in sight). Once you have finished, dry the floor well and ventilate the room.

Grease stains

When an accident happens, like when a food plate falls to the ground, it is very likely that it carries oil or some type of fat, which instantly causes a stain on this type of floor. That’s why you have to act quickly by applying talcum powder and these will absorb the excess fat. It is recommended to leave it for 24 hours, to let it work. Then the talcum powder should be removed with a vacuum cleaner, which will leave the surface with a whitish stain, so the next step is to clean the area with a cloth moistened in water and a product suitable for parquet. Finally, as always, excess moisture should be removed.

Avoid scratches

An advice to avoid that the floor finish full of scratches is to use adhesive protectors for the furniture or other option like dowels that can be nailed directly to the furniture if these are made of wood. With this type of products you will caress your parquet when drag a piece of furniture.

It is also advisable not to walk around the house with stiletto shoes that can also damage this type of floor; as well as shoes that can be made with materials that can grate the parquet. In fact, if you use a slipper to be at home regularly, you will also avoid having your floor dirty and also possible stones that can get caught in some rubber soles.

Other marks that can appear in this type of floor are those that the pets produce; dogs, cats, etc .; with their nails, that’s why it’s important to keep them short.

In the case that we are late for this care to avoid scratches, there is always the option of sanding the parquet, as long as it is made of wood. In a synthetic floor there would be no other option but to change it.


This is another problem that can affect your parquet, as the wood loses colour with its contact with the sun. Certainly, it is not necessary to live in the dark, but if the parquet is in a room where you do not enter much, the best option is that the curtains or blinds are lowered, in this way we will keep the brightness and intensity of colour for more time.

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Make the floor of your house shine (I) – Laminate flooring

cleaning laminate floor

Do you feel that the floor of your home does not shine as much as you would like? Well, you have reached the right place. Here we will make an extensive review of how to treat each type of floor. We will start with the laminate flooring, one of the most extended.

Laminate flooring

Many people lately choose to put at home a laminate flooring to make their rooms warmer. And if you are here, it is because you consider that your floor does not shine like the first day you installed it. So now we will explain how and with what to clean these types of materials.

For the usual maintenance of laminate flooring you have to follow some recommendations such as avoiding direct and prolonged exposure to the sun, because it could damage the colour of the pallet.

In the other hand, for the regular maintenance of this floor is recommended to be done with a mop, because the cloths that can be replaced are usually composed of microfiber, a material that easily traps dust. Take a look among all we have, sure you will find the right one for your home.

When you wash this type of floor it must be with the mop well drained, because an excess of water can damage the wood and even deform it. That’s why there is recommended to use mops that absorb a lot, like the ones you can find here.

Waxing is not a good idea for floating-type laminate flooring, because it could appear an opaque that will be very difficult to remove. And if the floor is made with synthetic material, it is not recommended to polish it because it is not a material that can be renewed.

A good help to avoid traces of the street that could scratch or damage the laminate flooring is to use a carpet or similar at the entrance of the house (here you have some to choose from). The furniture can also damage this type of floor so it is highly recommended to use furniture protectors; there are many types of materials (in our store you can choose).

Finally, if you want to give a special treatment to get a little shine to your platform you must follow the following steps:

  • Boil water in a pot with two bags of black tea and let it stay for 2 minutes.
  • Filter the mixture and avoid residues
  • Add a cup of this tea to a bucket of water and clean with a drained mop, on an already cleaned floor.

Another option:

  • Fill a bucket with hot water; add a mixture of 1/3 cup of vinegar and 2 jets of liquid detergent to clean the dishes.
  • Wash the laminate flooring in the same direction as the floorboards.


REMINDER: If you have natural wood flooring, drain the mop very well. Ah! And it is recommended not to wash more than 6 square meters without washing the mop, because in this way the dirt would be spread on the floor.

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Cleaning crystals like a professional

glass cleaning

It is well known that cleaning a glass is not easy, there is always some imperfection. But here we give you some small tricks to get that professional touch in cleaning the windows of your windows.

You can use the typical glass cleaner liquids or any home remedy. An example would be to use ammonia for cleaning, since it has degreasing properties. Both for the application and for the subsequent drying of the same you can use specific microfibre cloths for crystals like these that we have in Pamex. In addition, to get the professional touch you can always resort to utensils for experts like window cleaners with squeegee.

And finally, the final trick, if you want to get shine for your glasses we recommend using vinegar diluted in water that you should spray with a spray bottle like you can find here.

Now you have everything you need to make your glasses shine!