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Make the floor of your house shine (I) – Laminate flooring

cleaning laminate floor

Do you feel that the floor of your home does not shine as much as you would like? Well, you have reached the right place. Here we will make an extensive review of how to treat each type of floor. We will start with the laminate flooring, one of the most extended.

Laminate flooring

Many people lately choose to put at home a laminate flooring to make their rooms warmer. And if you are here, it is because you consider that your floor does not shine like the first day you installed it. So now we will explain how and with what to clean these types of materials.

For the usual maintenance of laminate flooring you have to follow some recommendations such as avoiding direct and prolonged exposure to the sun, because it could damage the colour of the pallet.

In the other hand, for the regular maintenance of this floor is recommended to be done with a mop, because the cloths that can be replaced are usually composed of microfiber, a material that easily traps dust. Take a look among all we have, sure you will find the right one for your home.

When you wash this type of floor it must be with the mop well drained, because an excess of water can damage the wood and even deform it. That’s why there is recommended to use mops that absorb a lot, like the ones you can find here.

Waxing is not a good idea for floating-type laminate flooring, because it could appear an opaque that will be very difficult to remove. And if the floor is made with synthetic material, it is not recommended to polish it because it is not a material that can be renewed.

A good help to avoid traces of the street that could scratch or damage the laminate flooring is to use a carpet or similar at the entrance of the house (here you have some to choose from). The furniture can also damage this type of floor so it is highly recommended to use furniture protectors; there are many types of materials (in our store you can choose).

Finally, if you want to give a special treatment to get a little shine to your platform you must follow the following steps:

  • Boil water in a pot with two bags of black tea and let it stay for 2 minutes.
  • Filter the mixture and avoid residues
  • Add a cup of this tea to a bucket of water and clean with a drained mop, on an already cleaned floor.

Another option:

  • Fill a bucket with hot water; add a mixture of 1/3 cup of vinegar and 2 jets of liquid detergent to clean the dishes.
  • Wash the laminate flooring in the same direction as the floorboards.


REMINDER: If you have natural wood flooring, drain the mop very well. Ah! And it is recommended not to wash more than 6 square meters without washing the mop, because in this way the dirt would be spread on the floor.

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