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Cleaning crystals like a professional

glass cleaning

It is well known that cleaning a glass is not easy, there is always some imperfection. But here we give you some small tricks to get that professional touch in cleaning the windows of your windows.

You can use the typical glass cleaner liquids or any home remedy. An example would be to use ammonia for cleaning, since it has degreasing properties. Both for the application and for the subsequent drying of the same you can use specific microfibre cloths for crystals like these that we have in Pamex. In addition, to get the professional touch you can always resort to utensils for experts like window cleaners with squeegee.

And finally, the final trick, if you want to get shine for your glasses we recommend using vinegar diluted in water that you should spray with a spray bottle like you can find here.

Now you have everything you need to make your glasses shine!

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