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Make the floor of your house shine (II) – Parquet

cleaning parque floor

Here we are again with the second article concerning the cleaning of floors.

Do you get the feeling that the floor of your home does not shine as much as you would like? Well, you have reached the right place. Here we are conducting an extensive review of how to treat each type of soil. We are going to continue on the parquet floor.


The parquet is composed of wood which makes it sensitive to moisture or chemicals, as well as to scratches of hard materials. That’s why you have to take care of it to maintain its original brightness.

Like any other type of soil, depending on the treatments that the wood has had and the concrete finish will make the different tricks that we will now relate more or less effective, that is why we strongly recommend that before doing a general cleaning of the floor, before you should try it in a corner that is not in view, as for example under the sofa, to avoid possible surprises later.

Regular cleaning

Experts recommend avoiding the use of brooms, it is better to use vacuum cleaners with soft brushes, which will help eliminate dust and dirt that accumulates on a daily basis. Also, unless it is necessary, it is not recommended to perform this operation more than twice a week.

To mop the parquet the most important recommendation is that it is done with the mop well drained, which is why it is also recommended that it has to be very absorbent, as is the case of Pamex Ballarina. In addition, this mop is practically a cloth, which allows specific treatments to maintain the brightness of the parquet. It should be noted that for the day to day the most important thing is to use a cleaning product suitable for parquet, because otherwise we can damage it.

Another recommendation is to dry the floor after having passed the mop, for that you can always use a mop that has microfiber cloth. In addition, this cleaning tool can also replace the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt, since there are many types of microfiber mops and others with electrostatic cloths that attract dust.

Finally, to get the perfect care of the wood is to use once a month a product suitable for parquet that improves its brightness. And more occasionally you can also use pine oil or flaxseed; as well as suitable waxes for this type of floors.

Home trick

If you want to improve the brightness of your parquet you can carry out this trick, but only in a very punctual way, because if it is used on a regular basis it will be harmful. With the floor well aspirated o cleaned you can perform this process. Prepare a mixture of 1 cup of vinegar for 4 litres of water, then, with a wet a rag or the mop Ballarina, drain it well and you pass it gently through your parquet (remember to previously make tests in areas that are not in sight). Once you have finished, dry the floor well and ventilate the room.

Grease stains

When an accident happens, like when a food plate falls to the ground, it is very likely that it carries oil or some type of fat, which instantly causes a stain on this type of floor. That’s why you have to act quickly by applying talcum powder and these will absorb the excess fat. It is recommended to leave it for 24 hours, to let it work. Then the talcum powder should be removed with a vacuum cleaner, which will leave the surface with a whitish stain, so the next step is to clean the area with a cloth moistened in water and a product suitable for parquet. Finally, as always, excess moisture should be removed.

Avoid scratches

An advice to avoid that the floor finish full of scratches is to use adhesive protectors for the furniture or other option like dowels that can be nailed directly to the furniture if these are made of wood. With this type of products you will caress your parquet when drag a piece of furniture.

It is also advisable not to walk around the house with stiletto shoes that can also damage this type of floor; as well as shoes that can be made with materials that can grate the parquet. In fact, if you use a slipper to be at home regularly, you will also avoid having your floor dirty and also possible stones that can get caught in some rubber soles.

Other marks that can appear in this type of floor are those that the pets produce; dogs, cats, etc .; with their nails, that’s why it’s important to keep them short.

In the case that we are late for this care to avoid scratches, there is always the option of sanding the parquet, as long as it is made of wood. In a synthetic floor there would be no other option but to change it.


This is another problem that can affect your parquet, as the wood loses colour with its contact with the sun. Certainly, it is not necessary to live in the dark, but if the parquet is in a room where you do not enter much, the best option is that the curtains or blinds are lowered, in this way we will keep the brightness and intensity of colour for more time.

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