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Keep your house free of hair from your pets

Perro en sofa

Surely if you have dogs or cats at home you will be concerned about the cleaning of hair that your pets shed regularly and even more if there is an allergic person at home. To keep your home hair free there are several recommendations, starting with brushing your furry friend regularly, to remove dead hair, also to improve the condition of their skin and at the same time generate a bond with your animal.

But, in addition to removing your pet hair that shed, there will always be some that are left where your dogs is walking or in our clothes, that’s why we will offer some tips to remove all this hair and keep the house clean.

In the case of our own clothes, the best thing to use is an adhesive roller so that these hairs stick and keep our clothes clean. These types of products can also be used to remove hair from the sofa or other textile surfaces.

Brushes with rubber bristles can also be very useful; there are versions to use by hand on all types of surfaces and others to use as a broom, for the hairs we find on the floor.

In addition, scrubbing the floor is recommended to use a microfiber mop as absorbent as possible and the cloths that are used in cleaning the area used by the animal should also be of microfiber, as these trap more effectively the hairs of our pets.

Finally, do not forget to enjoy all the time you can with your pets, both of you will appreciate it!